Gritify for business
The way recruiting
should work
Gritify is a new, cloud-based service that helps companies recruit finance professionals, lawyers, engineers, marketers and everyone who works with IT in a more efficient and easier way than ever before.
Groundbreaking and innovative
Superior power and data structure enables your company to identify and contact in real time exactly the candidates who are both qualified and interested in the position you are about to fill.

Gritify keeps track of which candidates are interested in your position because the candidates, in exchange for initial anonymity, have indicated what would make them interested in listening to new career opportunities.
Gritify's promise to our talents of initial anonymity and total relevance means that via Gritify you reach out to attractive candidates who are usually not available for conventional recruitment processes.

Finally, Gritify helps you to show the candidates through flexible digital solutions why you are the perfect match.
"It's hard to find the time to work with talent acquisition. With Gritify, it was easy for us to search for and contact 15 lawyers with experience from both a law firm and M&A. Within a week we had 5 relevant dialogues and in less than 30 days we signed with a perfect candidate. The whole process was incredibly smooth."
Edward af Sandeberg
General Counsel
Save time
with less administration
At Gritify, you do not have to sort, read through and respond to applications from candidates who do not have the right skills and experience for the current position.
not mass advertising
Gritify is not about quantity, but about relevance for both candidates and companies. That is why we say no to primitive mass advertising. Instead, Gritify offers you undivided attention from the most interesting candidates.
on genuine merits
Gritify means recruitment on real merits, which is made possible through an objective and open-minded process where competence, experience and preferences are matched with the right job.
and intelligent
With Gritify you do not take a chance. You optimize your company's offer and requirements profile in real time with immediate feedback from the talent market. Data-driven insights also enable continuous improvement.
for real
Gritify does not use CV:s and cover letters. Instead Gritify uses data based profiles that enable evaluation and analysis of talents with the parameters that are relevant to you.
Simple, intuitive
and easy to understand
Gritify's interface is developed based on well-established principles that make you recognize it and understand how it works instantly. We know you're not here to learn a new system, but to find candidates.
Here's how it works:
Submit your application to create a business account with Gritify.
We will review, approve and contact you.
You log in with your new account and can start using the service.
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